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V B Desai Financial Services Ltd. 511110  INE848D01018
V B Industries Ltd. 539123  INE334E01017
V Mart Retail Ltd. 534976 VMARTEQ INE665J01013
V R Woodart Ltd. 523888  INE317D01014
V-Guard Industries Ltd. 532953 VGUARDEQ INE951I01027
V2 Retail Ltd. 532867 V2RETAILEQ INE945H01013
Va Tech Wabag Ltd. 533269 WABAGEQ INE956G01038
Vaarad Ventures Ltd. 532320  INE418B01048
Vadilal Dairy International Ltd. 519451  INE159T01016
Vadilal Enterprises Ltd. 519152  INE693D01018
Vadilal Industries Ltd. 519156 VADILALINDEQ INE694D01016
Vadivarhe Speciality Chemicals Ltd.  VSCLSM INE551Q01028
Vaghani Techno-Build Ltd. 531676  INE554H01021
Vaibhav Global Ltd. 532156 VAIBHAVGBLEQ INE884A01019
Vaishali Pharma Ltd.  VAISHALISM INE972X01014
Vaishnavi Gold Ltd. 590111  INE535B01015
Vaishno Cement Company Ltd. 526941  INE116E01018
Vajra Bearings Ltd. 500438  INE978B01017
Vakrangee Ltd. 511431 VAKRANGEEBE INE051B01021
Vaksons Automobiles Ltd. 539402  INE256S01012
Valecha Engineering Ltd. 532389  INE624C01015
Valiant Communications Ltd. 526775  INE760B01019
Valiant Organics Ltd. 540145  INE565V01010
Vallabh Poly-Plast International Ltd. 530403  INE862K01014
Vallabh Steels Ltd. 513397  INE457E01016
Valley Abrasives Ltd. 513715  INE904E01017
Valley Magnesite Company Ltd. 539543  INE834E01016
Valplus Biotech Ltd. 526634   
Valson Industries Ltd. 530459  INE808A01018
Value Industries Ltd. 500945  INE352A01017
Valuemart Info Technologies Ltd. 532338  INE996A01029
Valuemart Retail Solutions Ltd. 511114  INE800F01014
Vama Industries Ltd. 512175  INE685D01022
Vamshi Rubber Ltd. 530369  INE380C01014
Vanasthali Textile Industries Ltd. 521046  INE698C01019
Vandana Knitwear Ltd. 532090  INE219M01021
Vani Commercials Ltd. 538918  INE661Q01017
Vanta Bioscience Ltd. 540729  INE695X01011
Vantage Corporate Services Ltd. 530109  INE069B01015
Vantage Knowledge Academy Ltd. 539761  INE427T01017
Vantel Technologies Ltd. 532396  INE078B01016
Vapi Enterprise Ltd. 502589  INE464D01014
Vardhaman Laboratories Ltd. 524796  INE503F01014
Vardhaman Wires & Polymers Ltd. 513705  INE157G01017
Vardhman Acrylics Ltd.  VARDHACRLCEQ INE116G01013
Vardhman Concrete Ltd. 531444  INE115C01014
Vardhman Holdings Ltd. 500439 VHLEQ INE701A01023
Vardhman Industries Ltd. 513534  INE458E01014
Vardhman Polytex Ltd. 514175 VARDMNPOLYEQ INE835A01011
Vardhman Special Steels Ltd. 534392 VSSLEQ INE050M01012
Vardhman Textiles Ltd. 502986 VTLEQ INE825A01012
Varun Beverages Ltd. 540180 VBLEQ INE200M01013
Varun Industries Ltd. 532917 VARUNBZ INE032G01012
Varun Mercantile Ltd. 512511   
Varun Polymol Organics Ltd. 524059   
Varun Shipping Company Ltd. 500465  INE702A01013
Varuna Agroproteins Ltd. 519144   
Vas Infrastructure Ltd. 531574  INE192C01013
Vasa Retail & Overseas Ltd.  VASASM INE068Z01016
Vascon Engineers Ltd. 533156 VASCONEQEQ INE893I01013
Vasundhara Rasayans Ltd. 538634  INE406F01010
Vaswani Industries Ltd. 533576 VASWANIEQ INE590L01019
Vatsa Corporation Ltd. 511371  INE522B01021
Vatsa Educations Ltd. 512205  INE815A01021
Vax Housing Finance Corporation Ltd. 531650  INE761B01017
VBC Ferro Alloys Ltd. 513005  INE114E01013
VBC Industries Ltd. 524310  INE809C01012
VCCL Ltd. 522015  INE460E01010
VCK Capital Market Services Ltd. 511493  INE488C01015
VCU Data Management Ltd. 536672  INE962O01014
Vedanta Ltd. 500295 VEDLEQ INE205A01025
Vedavaag Systems Ltd. 533056  INE359B01010
Veejay Lakshmi Engineering Works Ltd. 522267  INE466D01019
Veena Textiles Ltd. 521028  INE728E01010
Veer Energy & Infrastructure Ltd. 503657  INE255E01030
Veeram Ornaments Ltd. 540252  INE607V01010
Veerhealth Care Ltd. 511523  INE882C01035
Vegepro Foods and Feeds Ltd. 519140  INE155O01015
Vegetable Products Ltd. 539132  INE761D01021
Velan Hotels Ltd. 526755  INE548D01014
Veljan Denison Ltd. 505232  INE232E01013
Velox Industries Ltd. 506178  INE092P01017
Velvette International Pharma Products Ltd. 524528  INE042F01013
Venkat Pharma Ltd. 532093  INE346F01018
Venky's (India) Ltd. 523261 VENKEYSEQ INE398A01010
Venlon Enterprises Ltd. 524038  INE204D01022
Venmax Drugs & Pharmaceuticals Ltd. 531015  INE154G01022
Ventron Polymers Ltd. 531459  INE316C01018
Ventura Guaranty Ltd. 512060  INE139J01019
Ventura Textiles Ltd. 516098 VTCINDBE INE810C01044
Venus Power Ventures (India) Ltd. 531874  INE836G01016
Venus Remedies Ltd. 526953 VENUSREMEQ INE411B01019
Venus Sugar Ltd. 507472  INE972B01010
Venus Universal Ltd. 530769  INE381C01020
Vera Synthetic Ltd.  VERASM INE709Z01015
Veritas (India) Ltd. 512229  INE379J01029
Veronica Laboratories Ltd. 524802  INE994A01016
Veronica Production Ltd. 531695  INE008M01044
Vertex Securities Ltd. 531950  INE316D01024
Vertex Spinning Ltd. 531544  INE863F01038
Vertical Industries Ltd. 515099  INE247Q01015
Vertoz Advertising Ltd.    
Verum Properties Ltd.   INE501R01013
Vesuvius India Ltd. 520113 VESUVIUSEQ INE386A01015
Veto Switchgears & Cables Ltd. 539331 VETOEQ INE918N01018
VHCL Industries Ltd. 522233  INE674D01026
Viaan Industries Ltd. 537524  INE324N01027
Vibrant Global Capital Ltd. 538732  INE761Q01015
Vibros Organics Ltd. 530487  INE162Q01016
Viceroy Hotels Ltd. 523796 VICEROYEQ INE048C01017
Victoria Enterprises Ltd. 506103  INE082E01012
Victoria Mills Ltd. 503349  INE203D01016
Victory Paper & Boards (India) Ltd. 531234  INE962E01015
Vidarbha Iron & Steel Corporation Ltd. 504991   
Videocon Industries Ltd. 511389 VIDEOINDEQ INE703A01011
Vidhi Specialty Food Ingredients Ltd. 531717 VIDHIINGEQ INE632C01026
Vidli Restaurants Ltd. 539659  INE564S01019
Vijay Shanthi Builders Ltd. 523724 VIJSHANEQ INE806F01011
Vijay Solvex Ltd. 531069  INE362D01010
Vijay Textiles Ltd. 530151  INE256G01033
Vijaya Bank 532401 VIJAYABANKEQ INE705A01016
Viji Finance Ltd. 537820 VIJIFINEQ INE159N01027
Vikalp Securities Ltd. 531334  INE186E01011
Vikas Ecotech Ltd. 530961 VIKASECOEQ INE806A01020
Vikas Proppant & Granite Ltd. 531518  INE767B01014
Vikas WSP Ltd. 519307  INE706A01022
Vikash Metal & Power Ltd. 532677  INE158H01013
Vikram Thermo (India) Ltd. 530477  INE337E01010
Viksit Engineering Ltd. 506196   
Vimal Oil & Foods Ltd. 519373 VIMALOILBE INE067D01015
Vimta Labs Ltd. 524394 VIMTALABSEQ INE579C01029
Vinaditya Trading Company Ltd. 504380  INE952M01019
Vinati Organics Ltd. 524200 VINATIORGAEQ INE410B01029
Vinayak Polycon International Ltd. 534639  INE581M01016
Vinayak Vanijya Ltd. 512517  INE132V01019
Vindhya Telelinks Ltd. 517015 VINDHYATELEQ INE707A01012
Vinsari Fruitech Ltd. 532020   
Vintage Cards & Creations Ltd. 532360  INE810A01022
Vintage Securities Ltd. 531051  INE153C01015
Vintron Informatics Ltd. 517393  INE043B01028
Vinyl Chemicals (I) Ltd. 524129 VINYLINDIAEQ INE250B01029
Vinyoflex Ltd. 530401  INE526H01011
VIP Clothing Ltd. 532613 VIPCLOTHNGEQ INE450G01024
VIP Industries Ltd. 507880 VIPINDEQ INE054A01027
Vippy Industries Ltd. 519039  INE187E01027
Vippy Spinpro Ltd. 514302  INE660D01017
Vipras Corporation Ltd. 522106   
Vipul Ltd. 511726 VIPULLTDEQ INE946H01037
Vipul Organics Ltd. 530627  INE834D01018
Virat Crane Industries Ltd. 519457  INE295C01014
Virat Industries Ltd. 530521  INE467D01017
Virat Leasing Ltd. 539167  INE347L01014
Virgo Global Ltd. 532354  INE400B01020
Virgo Polymers (India) Ltd. 531282  INE464H01015
Virinchi Ltd. 532372  INE539B01017
Virtual Global Education Ltd. 534741  INE247C01023
Virtual Global Education Ltd.(Old)    
VirtualSoft Systems Ltd. 531126  INE237C01016
Visa Steel Ltd. 532721 VISASTEELEQ INE286H01012
Visagar Financial Services Ltd. 531025  INE309H01020
Visagar Polytex Ltd. 506146 VIVIDHAEQ INE370E01029
Visaka Industries Ltd. 509055 VISAKAINDEQ INE392A01013
Visco Trade Associates Ltd. 540097  INE890S01018
Vishal Bearings Ltd. 539398  INE060T01024
Vishal Exports Overseas Ltd. 532618  INE167C01023
Vishal Fabrics Ltd. 538598  INE755Q01025
Vishal Malleables Ltd. 505930  INE661G01018
Vishal Papertech (India) Ltd. 531981   
Vishnu Chemicals Ltd. 516072 VISHNUEQ INE270I01014
Vishnu Sugar Mills Ltd. 507405  INE211K01014
Vishva Vishal Engineering Ltd. 512321   
Vishvas Projects Ltd. 511276  INE188C01011
Vishvjyoti Trading Ltd. 512067  INE025N01020
Vishvprabha Trading Ltd. 512064  INE762D01011
Vishwamitra Financial Services Ltd. 511361  INE002I01011
Vision Cinemas Ltd. 526441  INE515B01025
Vision Corporation Ltd. 531668  INE661D01015
Vision Organics Ltd. 532383  INE514B01010
Visisth Chay Vyapar Ltd.    
Vista Pharmaceuticals Ltd. 524711  INE427C01021
Vistar Amar Ltd. 538565  INE878P01019
Vital Communications Ltd. 532325  INE377B01012
Vitan Agro Industries Ltd. 538548  INE186Q01023
Vitesse Agro Ltd.    
Vivanza Biosciences Ltd. 530057  INE984E01027
Vivid Global Industries Ltd. 524576  INE737C01023
Vivimed Labs Ltd. 532660 VIVIMEDLABEQ INE526G01021
Vivo Bio Tech Ltd. 511509  INE380K01017
VJTF Eduservices Ltd. 509026  INE117F01013
VKJ Infradevelopers Ltd. 536128  INE211P01021
VKS Projects Ltd. 534567 VKSPLBZ INE213M01024
VLS Finance Ltd. 511333 VLSFINANCEEQ INE709A01018
VMS Industries Ltd. 533427  INE932K01015
VMV Holidays Ltd. 539222  INE451S01019
Vogue Textiles Ltd. 530583  INE047F01012
Voith Paper Fabrics India Ltd. 522122  INE285C01015
Volant Textile Mills Ltd. 531865  INE962D01025
Volga Air Technics Ltd. 531350  INE719B01015
Voltaire Leasing & Finance Ltd. 509038  INE763D01019
Voltamp Transformers Ltd. 532757 VOLTAMPEQ INE540H01012
Voltas Ltd. 500575 VOLTASEQ INE226A01021
Vora Construction Ltd. 512215  INE902L01016
VRL Logistics Ltd. 539118 VRLLOGEQ INE366I01010
VSF Projects Ltd. 519331  INE923K01014
VST Industries Ltd. 509966 VSTINDEQ INE710A01016
VST Tillers Tractors Ltd. 531266 VSTTILLERSEQ INE764D01017
VTM Ltd. 532893  INE222F01029
VTX Industries Ltd. 532824  INE119G01025
VXL Instruments Ltd. 517399  INE756A01019
Vyapar Industries Ltd. 506142  INE070G01012
Vybra Automet Ltd. 520003  INE251F01010
Vysali Pharmaceuticals Ltd. 524290  INE153G01016