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ATS was incorporated in 2003 with an objective to help our clients on money matters. We are an ethical company and little conservative in our own way. We are backed by support of several thousands of customers who have believed in us by choosing us as their Financial Partner. We help our clients in making informed decisions when it comes to Capital Markets and other investment products. We are a Member of NSE, BSE, NCDEX, CDSL and Batch 1 Member of MCX. We have an impeccable track record in Capital Markets and Commodities business and have been one of the biggest broking houses in South India. We have deep presence in South India. We are a 300+ Employee Company calling thousands of client’s day in and day out, updating them on the market.

It’s Faith which makes anything Possible

We are a firm believer of Indian Stock Market. For any economy to grow, it needs to have strong financial markets. We often hear people questioning of investing in stock market and we tell them as long as several things that are part of our daily life are there to stay, we would never have a day when the business activities would ever stop and so would be the Stock Markets. We as human beings are evolving, changing, improving, in the very same way our Stock Markets are also ever evolving and will continue to grow whether we want to be part of this or not. With this belief, we bring our clients to invest in markets. We have huge faith in Indian Companies and that is why we have slogan “Its faith which makes anything possible”

Unlike doing business on your own, Stock Market offers you to bet on businesses which have pioneered in their Line of businesses. When you are investing money on a Front line stock, you are actually investing on Great Management of Great Companies.

But nothing comes easy and there is a good price to pay for that extra return to be earned from Equity Market and that is Patience, Belief and a Good Investment Partner.


Our Services

Capital and Commodity Market Solutions - We provide one of the best investment and Trading platform to our clients which runs on all platforms including web, mobile and so on. To know more you’ll have to experience our services.

Depository Services - We are registered Depository Participant with Central Depository Securities Limited.

Research and Advisory Services - We are registered Research and Advisory Firm from SEBI, we offer several paid research to our clients on Real time and also provide detailed Fundamental Stock Specific research to Institutional/ Non Institutional Clients.

NRI Services -NRIs willing to invest funds to Indian Stock Market can experience our services wherein we help them right from opening a PIS account, Stock Advisory to Trade Execution. We also help them plan their tax liabilities on gains made in India.

Wealth Management Services -We are registered Portfolio Managers with SEBI under the name of ATS Wealth Managers Private Limited. We have recently launched a Fund called “Grow with India Fund” with an objective to invest money in Indian Growth Sectors. All our stocks are cherry picked after extensive research of several weeks, we follow the traditional way of research. We are fundamentalist and do not put money in any stock until fundamentals allow us.

SIP - We have our own method of Systematic Investment Planning where in we make certain amount of investment on behalf of our clients after obtaining their permissions in stock market on frequent intervals. This saves their cost in many ways as they do not have to incur on AMC Fees, their dividend comes to their account and Tax benefit on Long Term Capital Gains walks into their account helping them maximize their returns post tax shield.

Insurance - We have recently forayed into this business and currently acting as Corporate Agent of many insurance company, we have also applied to IRDA for Composite Insurance Broking License. We can help you with both Life and Non Life Insurance. As we are experts on Capital Markets we can also advise you on right Unit Linked Insurance Plan for Capital Market Investments. We can also advise on right insurance scheme that can help you plan tax.

Mutual Funds - We are registered distributor for almost all the Asset Management Companies in India and can advise you in choosing the right Mutual Funds Scheme.

Personal Finance - We have tied up with Several Banks on Loan syndication to help our clients avail the loan. Apart from this we offer Tax Planning and with our services we can help clients reduce their tax liability by planning it well in advance. We also do ITR filing for our clients to claim refund on extra paid tax.

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Easy and Instant Payouts

Initiate payout through Back office by 8.30am and within 6.30pm funds will be credited to client's bank account.

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Free Demat Account

Open a Demat account, easy & convenient, no stamp duty, reduced paper work and experience fast, secure and seamless trading

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Lowest Brokerage Charges

ATS offers lowest brokerage charges with no hidden cost.

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Call N Trade Facility

Our Service Desk is operational on all trading days between 9:00am to 11:30pm.

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Premium Recommendations

The package from ATS is designed for those, who wants to earn higher returns when compared to regular intraday packages.

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