Strong Believer

We are a strong believer of Indian Markets so do you? We can help you make the right investment depending on your risk profile.


We can also help you take plunge in Capital Markets and take advantage of various opportunities available in market.

Wide Range

We have range of Asset class from Equity, Mutual Funds, Debts, Bonds and so on..

Are you an institution registered outside India wanting to invest in Indian Capital Markets?
Do you represent an Indian Company wanting to invest in Capital Market/Debt Market/Mutual Funds?
Would you like someone to help you manage your extra float of fund lying idle in your current account?
You actively trade in Derivative segment to hedge currency, commodity and other exposures?
You want to buy a particular stock and want someone to do an independent research on same?
Not happy with post tax yield on your Fixed Deposits? Want someone to suggest you instrument as Risk Free as Fixed Deposit with better return?

Please leave us your number and our Wealth Manager will contact you shortly to update on all our offerings, we can assure you your time spent will not go waste.