The section attempts to assist and guide our valuable investors in their decision making process with the thorough company-specific in-depth analysis. Based on the complete evaluation and study of the stocks, done by our highly experienced and efficient research and analytical team, the investors, with different risk appetites, may judge their past, present and likely future position in equity shares. The report covers various aspects like valuation, revenue projection, future financial position of the business, key ratios, trading comparables, market data, current positioning of the company and industry, key developments and other relevant details. To make the information reader friendly and simpler, it is also presented in tabular and graphical forms. Analysis of impact of any important business, economic or political development, on the revenues and margins is conduct to give a clear insight to the investors. Finally an investment call to ‘BUY’, ‘SELL’, ‘HOLD’, or ‘ACCUMULATE’ is provided by the analyst. Besides, a similar approach is followed in offering industry reports as well.


Derivatives are tools used to hedge position of an investor in a future position. However, in recent times, Futures and Options have also grabbed investors’ attention in view of their lucrative returns. A daily derivative report is provided in order to give an insight on the day-to-day F&O highlights, overview, pivot table, nifty put call ratio over the month, daily future open interest – gainers & losers and recommendation. We also provide information on daily trading strategy in the F&O


This include the extensive coverage of the companies entering the capital market with their Initial Public Offers (IPO). Mostly, investors are unaware regarding the longevity of these companies’ operations and where will they stand in future. Our IPO report, which incorporates all the relevant information including future earnings forecast, growth and its current market performance, acts as a complete investment guide. Besides, our specialized team also rank the IPO, in order to make the investment decision simpler.

Mutual Fund

The section includes the daily updates in Mutual funds including New Fund Offers, Dividend declaration, buying and selling by Mutual funds in equity as well as in debt market. Besides, it also highlights the in-depth analysis on mutual funds, in which the news and developments, category wise top gainers and over all top gainers schemes, portfolio and scheme analysis of top three schemes are covered along with the updates on NFO and latest dividends.


Commodities, the only asset class, that is negatively correlated to bonds, is a powerful tool for diversification, and has developed into a new opportunity for investors to get heavy returns. With ATS, you can cash on the lucrative opportunity of investing in commodities or “the raw materials used to create the products that people really need”, demand for which is endless and ever increasing. Our report covers various aspects including Agricultural Commodities, Precious Metals, Base Metals, Energy segment, coupled with the analysis of impact of the global and domestic news. Finally an investment call to ‘BUY’, ‘SELL’, or ‘HOLD’, is provided by the analyst, and a similar approach is followed in offering industry reports as well.


Daily corporate announcements made by the top companies in the BSE and NSE are covered throughout the day, coupled with the analysts’ view on the major business events.

Company Information

An overall company snapshot captures all the relevant details including contact information, top management, listings, latest financial results, market performance, news, shareholding pattern and announcements.