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N B Footwear Ltd. 523242  INE006F01018
N D Metal Industries Ltd. 512024  INE643D01013
N G Industries Ltd. 530897  INE825C01018
N K Industries Ltd. 519494 NKINDEQ INE542C01019
N R Agarwal Industries Ltd. 516082 NRAILEQ INE740D01017
N R International Ltd. 532623  INE605F01017
N2N Technologies Ltd. 512279  INE043F01011
Nachmo Knitex Ltd. 514328  INE228C01015
NACL Industries Ltd. 524709 NACLINDEQ INE295D01020
Naga Dhunseri Group Ltd.  NDGLEQ INE756C01015
Naga Ltd.   INE327M01014
Nagarjuna Agritech Ltd. 531832  INE793H01017
Nagarjuna Fertilisers & Chemicals Ltd. 500075   
Nagarjuna Fertilizers and Chemicals Ltd. 539917 NAGAFERTEQ INE454M01024
Nagarjuna Finance Ltd. 506129   
Nagarjuna Oil Refinery Ltd. 534184 NAGAROILEQ INE453M01018
Nagpur Power & Industries Ltd. 532362  INE099E01016
Nagreeka Capital & Infrastructure Ltd. 532895 NAGREEKCAPEQ INE245I01016
Nagreeka Exports Ltd. 521109 NAGREEKEXPEQ INE123B01028
Nahar Capital & Financial Services Ltd. 532952 NAHARCAPEQ INE049I01012
Nahar Industrial Enterprises Ltd. 519136 NAHARINDUSEQ INE289A01011
Nahar Poly Films Ltd. 523391 NAHARPOLYEQ INE308A01027
Nahar Spinning Mills Ltd. 500296 NAHARSPINGEQ INE290A01027
Naina Semiconductor Ltd. 526831   
Naisargik Agritech (India) Ltd. 531365  INE360M01015
Nakoda Group Of Industries Ltd. 541418  INE236Y01012
Nakoda Ltd. 521030 NAKODABZ INE559B01023
Nakshatra Infrastructure Ltd.    
Nalin Lease Finance Ltd. 531212  INE606C01012
Nalwa Sons Investments Ltd. 532256 NSILEQ INE023A01030
Nam Securities Ltd. 538395  INE792G01011
Namaste Exports Ltd. 526059  INE583A01017
Namtech Electronic Devices Ltd. 517269  INE607C01010
Nandan Denim Ltd. 532641 NDLEQ INE875G01030
Nandani Creation Ltd.  NANDANISM INE696V01013
Naraingarh Sugar Mills Ltd. 531457  INE491E01015
Narang Industries Ltd. 523317  INE172C01015
Narayana Hrudayalaya Ltd. 539551 NHEQ INE410P01011
Narayani Steels Ltd. 540080  INE715T01015
Narbada Gems & Jewellery Ltd. 519455  INE540C01021
Nardhana Infrastructure Ltd. 513611  INE077H01015
Narendra Investments (Delhi) Ltd. 540204  INE666Q01016
Narendra Properties Ltd. 531416  INE603F01012
Narmada Agrobase Ltd.  NARMADASM INE117Z01011
Narmada Gelatines Ltd. 526739  INE869A01010
Narmada Macplast Drip Irrigation Systems Ltd. 517431  INE060D01010
Natco Economicals Ltd. 539595  INE174S01017
Natco Pharma Ltd. 524816 NATCOPHARMEQ INE987B01026
Natco Polyplast Ltd. 526743   
Nath Bio-Genes (India) Ltd. 537291 NATHBIOGENEQ INE448G01010
Nath Pulp & Paper Mills Ltd. 502407  INE776A01025
National Aluminium Company Ltd. 532234 NATIONALUMEQ INE139A01034
National Fertilizers Ltd. 523630 NFLEQ INE870D01012
National Fittings Ltd. 531289  INE643C01015
National Flask Industries Ltd. 531903  INE350B01019
National General Industries Ltd. 531651  INE654H01011
National Oxygen Ltd. 507813  INE296D01010
National Peroxide Ltd. 500298  INE585A01020
National Plastic Industries Ltd. 526616  INE233D01013
National Plastic Technologies Ltd. 531287  INE896D01017
National Plywood Industries Ltd. 516062  INE497C01016
National Standard (India) Ltd. 504882  INE166R01015
National Steel and Agro Industries Ltd. 513179 NATNLSTEELBZ INE088B01015
National Switchgears Ltd. 517199   
National Wind Power Corporation Ltd. 531077  INE471B01013
Natraj Proteins Ltd. 530119  INE444D01016
Natura Hue Chem Ltd. 531834  INE487B01019
Natural Capsules Ltd. 524654  INE936B01015
Natural Stone Exports Ltd. 513638  INE893G01017
Natural Vanaspati Ltd. 519045   
Naturite Agro Products Ltd. 538926  INE223R01014
Nava Bharat Ventures Ltd. 513023 NBVENTURESEQ INE725A01022
Naval Technoplast Industries Ltd. 532014   
Navcom Industries Ltd. 519200   
Navigant Corporate Advisors Ltd. 539521  INE364T01012
Navin Fluorine International Ltd. 532504 NAVINFLUOREQ INE048G01018
Navkar Builders Ltd. 531494  INE268H01010
Navkar Corporation Ltd. 539332 NAVKARCORPEQ INE278M01019
Navketan Merchants Ltd. 539525  INE365G01016
Navneet Education Ltd. 508989 NAVNETEDULEQ INE060A01024
Nayagara Paper Products Ltd. 516044   
Naysaa Securities Ltd. 538668  INE898Q01015
NBCC (India) Ltd. 534309 NBCCEQ INE095N01031
NBI Industrial Finance Company Ltd.  NBIFINEQ INE365I01020
NCC Blue Water Products Ltd. 519506  INE630N01019
NCC Finance Ltd. 531452  INE768B01012
NCC Ltd. 500294 NCCEQ INE868B01028
NCL Industries Ltd. 502168 NCLINDEQ INE732C01016
NCL Research & Financial Services Ltd. 530557  INE132F01020
NCML Industries Ltd.    
NDA Securities Ltd. 511535  INE026C01013
Nectar Lifesciences Ltd. 532649 NECLIFEEQ INE023H01027
Neelamalai Agro Industries Ltd. 508670  INE605D01012
Neelkanth Motels & Hotels Ltd. 526391  INE882F01012
Neelkanth Rockminerals Ltd. 531049  INE741D01015
Neeraj Paper Marketing Ltd. 539409  INE894J01019
Negotium International Trade Ltd. 537838  INE339P01046
Neha International Ltd. 519560  INE874D01022
Neil Industries Ltd. 539016  INE396C01010
Nelcast Ltd. 532864 NELCASTEQ INE189I01024
Nelco Ltd. 504112 NELCOEQ INE045B01015
Neo Corp International Ltd. 523820  INE851C01014
NEO Infracon Ltd. 514332  INE216I01017
Neogem India Ltd. 526195  INE552E01014
Neopolitan Pizza Ltd.   INE471R01019
NEPC Agro Foods Ltd. 500452  INE587A01018
NEPC India Ltd. 500301  INE588A01016
NEPC Textiles Ltd. 521192  INE574B01022
Neptune Exports Ltd. 512522  INE066X01015
Nesco Ltd. 505355 NESCOEQ INE317F01035
Nestle India Ltd. 500790 NESTLEINDEQ INE239A01016
Net 4 India Ltd. 532912  INE553E01012
Net Vista Venture Ltd.    
Netlink Solutions (India) Ltd. 509040  INE040F01033
Nettlinx Ltd. 511658  INE027D01019
NetVision Web Technologies Ltd. 532010  INE286D01011
Network 18 Media & Investments Ltd. 532798 NETWORK18EQ INE870H01013
Network Ltd. 523558  INE010C01025
Neueon Towers Ltd. 532887 NTLBE INE333I01036
Neuland Laboratories Ltd. 524558 NEULANDLABEQ INE794A01010
Neulands Global Industries Ltd. 517224 SUJANAUNIEQ INE216G01011
New Delhi Television Ltd. 532529 NDTVBE INE155G01029
New Heaven Chemicals and Industries Ltd. 524484  INE358P01012
New India Retailing & Investment Ltd.   INE260C01018
New Light Apparels Ltd. 540243  INE835U01019
New Markets Advisory Ltd. 508867  INE800K01014
Newever Trade Wings Ltd. 536644  INE596O01010
Newgen Software Technologies Ltd. 540900 NEWGENEQ INE619B01017
Newtime Infrastructure Ltd. 531959  INE997D01021
Nexcen Softech Ltd.    
Next Mediaworks Ltd. 532416 NEXTMEDIAEQ INE747B01016
Nextgen Animation Mediaa Ltd. 532999  INE875I01010
Nexus Commodities and Technologies Ltd. 538874  INE370Q01015
Nexus Software Ltd. 517540  INE901B01019
Nexxoft Infotel Ltd. 532045  INE249H01010
Neycer India Ltd. 502255  INE275N01013
NGL Fine - Chem Ltd. 524774  INE887E01022
NHC Foods Ltd. 517554  INE141C01028
NHPC Ltd. 533098 NHPCEQ INE848E01016
Nicco Corporation Ltd. 590028 NICCOBE INE241C01026
Nicco Parks & Resorts Ltd. 526721  INE653C01022
Nicco Uco Alliance Credit Ltd. 523209  INE917B01023
Nidhi Granites Ltd. 512103  INE276H01013
Nidhi Polyester Ltd. 506123   
Nihar Info Global Ltd. 531083  INE876E01033
NIIT Ltd. 500304 NIITLTDEQ INE161A01038
NIIT Technologies Ltd. 532541 NIITTECHEQ INE591G01017
Nijjer Agro Foods Ltd. 519168  INE847B01014
Nikhil Adhesives Ltd. 526159  INE926C01014
Nikki Global Finance Ltd. 531272  INE526C01012
Nila Infrastructures Ltd. 530377 NILAINFRAEQ INE937C01029
Nilachal Refractories Ltd. 502294  INE416N01013
Nile Ltd. 530129  INE445D01013
Nilkamal Ltd. 523385 NILKAMALEQ INE310A01015
Nilkanth Engineering Ltd. 512004  INE582V01015
Nimbus Foods Industries Ltd. 531598  INE301B01020
Nimbus Industries Ltd. 530971  INE470M01020
Nimbus Projects Ltd. 511714  INE875B01015
Nintec Systems Ltd. 539843  INE395U01014
Niraj Cement Structurals Ltd. 532986  INE368I01016
Niraj Ispat Industries Ltd.  NIRAJISPATBE INE326T01011
Nirav Commercials Ltd. 512425  INE242B01018
Nirlon Ltd. 500307  INE910A01012
Nirma Ltd. 500308  INE091A01029
Nirman Cements Ltd. 531954  INE162E01012
Nishtha Finance and Investment (India) Ltd. 539311  INE217Q01018
Nissan Copper Ltd. 532789  INE846H01039
Nitco Ltd. 532722 NITCOEQ INE858F01012
Nitesh Estates Ltd. 533202 NITESHESTEQ INE639K01016
Nitin Castings Ltd. 508875  INE861H01012
Nitin Fire Protection Industries Ltd. 532854 NITINFIREEQ INE489H01020
Nitin Spinners Ltd. 532698 NITINSPINEQ INE229H01012
Nitiraj Engineers Ltd.  NITIRAJSM INE439T01012
Nitta Gelatin India Ltd. 506532  INE265B01019
Nivedita Mercantile & Financing Ltd. 512381  INE992I01013
Nivi Trading Ltd. 512245  INE552F01011
Nivyah Infrastructure & Telecom Services Ltd. 517534  INE303D01022
Niwas Spinning Mills Ltd. 521009   
Niyogin Fintech Ltd. 538772  INE480D01010
NLC India Ltd. 513683 NLCINDIAEQ INE589A01014
NMDC Ltd. 526371 NMDCEQ INE584A01023
NMS Resources Global Ltd. 522289  INE169F01014
Noble Explochem Ltd. 506991  INE875D01011
Noble Polymers Ltd. 539200  INE203Q01026
NOCIL Ltd. 500730 NOCILEQ INE163A01018
Noel Agritech Ltd. 526789  INE154C01013
Noesis Industries Ltd. 530435 NOESISINDBE INE141B01020
Noida Medicare Centre Ltd. 523670  INE740C01019
Noida Toll Bridge Company Ltd. 532481 NOIDATOLLEQ INE781B01015
Norben Tea & Exports Ltd. 519528 NORBTEAEXPBE INE369C01017
Norris Medicines Ltd. 524414  INE744C01029
North Eastern Carrying Corporation Ltd. 534615 NECCLTDEQ INE553C01016
Northern Project Ltd. 508924  INE01CZ01010
Northlink Fiscal & Capital Services Ltd. 539110  INE736P01019
Nouritrans Exim Ltd. 540698  INE555X01017
Nouveau Global Ventures Ltd. 531465  INE317B01034
Nova Iron & Steel Ltd. 513566  INE608C01026
Nova Publications India Ltd. 530733  INE900O01014
NovaGold Petro-Resources Ltd. 531791  INE517G01012
Novartis India Ltd. 500672  INE234A01025
Novopan Industries Ltd. 500310  INE460B01016
NPR Finance Ltd. 530127  INE446D01011
NRB Bearings Ltd. 530367 NRBBEARINGEQ INE349A01021
NRB Industrial Bearings Ltd. 535458 NIBLBE INE047O01014
NRC Ltd. 503780  INE953C01018
NTC Industries Ltd. 526723  INE920C01017
NTPC Ltd. 532555 NTPCEQ INE733E01010
Nu Tek India Ltd. 533015 NUTEKEQ INE318J01027
Nu-Tech Corporate Services Ltd. 526313  INE041C01012
Nuchem Ltd. 500311  INE946A01016
Nucleus Software Exports Ltd. 531209 NUCLEUSEQ INE096B01018
Numech Emballage Ltd. 507884  INE679D01017
Numero Uno Finance Ltd. 531983   
Nutech Global Ltd. 531304  INE960H01012
Nutraplus India Ltd. 524764  INE230G01020
Nutricircle Ltd. 530219  INE536C01029
Nuway Organic Naturals (India) Ltd. 531819  INE414L01012
Nyssa Corporation Ltd. 504378  INE812K01027