Online Trading and its Perks

Savings alone are not enough in today’s world to meet all of our financial goals and also to beat inflation, thus it is quite important to invest these days. You have a variety of investment options to choose from, depending on needs and convenience.

To earn a good return on your investments, you must begin investing at an early age. Investment habit instils financial discipline in a person's life by requiring him to set aside a set amount of money on a regular basis for the purpose of investment. You could select a suitable investment strategy based on your financial goal supported by your time horizon and risk appetite. There are some financial assets that can help you achieve your short-term goals, and other assets that can help you achieve your long-term goals.

In today's hectic environment, technological advancements have simplified the entire process of investing and managing investments. Even with a smartphone, anyone can have complete control over their finances. You can be linked to the stock market at all times because investing in the stock market requires continuous market monitoring for some people: Although we don’t advise this.

Trading on the stock market has been less time-consuming in recent years, thanks to online trading, which allows you to trade without much of personal assistance of a broker. You can purchase and sell stocks online as easy as you purchase any item online. To become an online trader, you do not need to be an expert or a trained professional, as these platforms are user-friendly and do not require any specific training.

Mobile trading apps have made things even easier for an investor or trader, you can now conduct any stock market transaction using your smartphone. The mobile trading software allows you to trade from anywhere at any time.

Trade platforms provide essential support and assistance by allowing secured real-time access to trading, research reports, stock price analysis, market news and many more.

You can buy and sell stocks with the help of a Trading & Demat account and an internet connection. Not only that, but you may trade in currency, commodities, and other financial instruments through a single trading platform. Platforms also assist you in trading without problems as they process fast speed trading transactions. Trading has been changed the way it used to be: Thanks to these platforms.

You may just download these platforms on your computer or mobile devices and start trading right away.

What does one mean by Online Trading?

Imagine a hassle-free process where you can buy and sell stocks without the interference of a broker, without waiting in lines from the comfort of your home. That is Online Trading. You can buy and sell stocks through your own knowledge and research, without anyone interfering. You can also invest in mutual funds, IPO with the ease of being at home.

You have to simply open a demat and trading account with any SEBI licenced broker to engage in online trading. It takes only 15 minutes to open a Demat & Trading account. A PAN card, AADHAAR card, mobile number linked to AADHAAR, bank statement or cancelled cheque leaf, and passport size photo are all that is required to start an account.

Documents Issued by Trading Member/Broker

Contract Note

Within 24 hours of the deal execution, the E-Trading member or the broker must issue a contract note. These days, digital contract notes are issued. You must review the contract notes on a regular basis and report any discrepancies to the broker immediately. A digital statement of funds is also issued by the broker every quarter.

Perks of Online Trading

  1. It is easy:

    It allows a trader to trade freely without any obstacles. Trading online does not require any special skills, thus everyone can use these platforms.

  2. It is less costly:

    When compared to regular trading, it is less expensive and it is also supported by brokers: as internet trading saves them maintenance cost and other expenses.

  3. Effortless and less time-consuming:

    Trading can be done in a more efficient and seamless manner. Trading used to be a time-consuming procedure, because earlier you had to go to the broker or call your broker to place or cancel trade orders. Since the evolution of internet technologies, you could now trade using your smartphone in the simplest method possible.

  4. Complete control:

    You can have a complete control over your portfolio using online trading. You can place trade orders at any time and from anywhere. That is the kind of flexibility that online trading provides.

  5. Higher Accuracy:

    There were more chances of errors in traditional offline trading owing to miscommunication between traders and brokers. However, in internet trading, you can submit trade orders or cancel them without the involvement of a broker; allowing you to manage trade operations on your own.

  6. Always keep an eye on your money:

    You can keep an eye on your investments at any time. You can download mobile trading apps on your smartphone that can help you to keep on top of the markets, you can also monitor your investments at any time, and make the appropriate strategies. By watching how the market moves, you may eliminate losing stocks and add profitable stocks to your portfolio.

  7. Access to research reports:

    You can also get top analyst recommendations, reports, and stock price analysis based on a variety of charts. There are a number of brokerage websites available from where you can have chats with research professionals. Financial consultants can also assist you in making the right decision.

Precautions to be taken during Online Trading

Trading online, no doubt is easy and convenient, but there are also some risks attached to it which one has to take care of while trading.

Trade orders should not be placed from shared PC or cyber cafes, according to online trading safety precautions.

Always log out after each trade to prevent your account from being hacked.

Anti-virus software must be installed on personal computers, to protect them from infections.

When you check in to your trading account from a different location, do not use the "Remember Me" option.

Several brokers provide investment opportunities in financial assets. After comparing brokers on the basis of services, brokerage charges, and other factors, you may select the one that best meets your needs and wants. Online trading allows you to trade or invest in the safest possible manner. Trading online is simple, straightforward, and quick.


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