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ATS Research Pack

  • Futures and Options Research Advisory Services

We have designed this premium advisory service for those traders who have minimum investment of 1 to 2.5L Lakh. We provide top quality stock recommendations which help traders to make consistent profits.

The Premium research pack by ATS is designed to take care of the analysis and understanding of the options market. Our team of highly trained and experienced analyst’s posses’ hands-on knowledge of Option trading and are also well versed with technicalities of the Options market. Based on the research done by these analysts, premium intraday trading tips in options call and put with bigger targets and low risk are generated for you. These recommendations are generated based on volume in the options, in addition to the technical factors defining the market.

Features of ATS Research Pack vis-à-vis Competitors

ATS Competition
ATS Trades on all calls it gives to its clients. We gain/loose together, evidentiary proof of our trades can be provided at any point of time. Most of them have never done a trade for themselves but boast of making money for their clients.
Calls are based on Statistical tools. Have no experience/background.
There could be 30-40 open trades hence Minimum Investment of 1L is a must. Ideal Investment to start would be 2.5 Lacs. Most of the time they provide calls within very narrow spread and thin S/L and Limit order, almost impossible for anyone to trade.
Compulsory Trading on all calls have greater odds of making profit. Same research house will operate as different entities to en-cash same client again and again in different guise.
Maximum Loss is Premium paid, meaning client can plan his portfolio and size positions accordingly. Clients end up losing more than they had saved for trading.
We do not recommend more than 1 lot on any counter to start with. Positions are never sized correctly.
Least Trading Cost meaning higher odds of gains. Huge trading cost in terms of Statutory cost and brokerages as there would be many In/Out trades every day. Many of them would also have broking income from tied up brokers.
Positions are held till expiry to get the maximum benefit. Most of these trades are Intraday as they don’t have any view on market.
No margin requirement. Huge margin requirements, many times clients are not able to take positions as they would have their margins blocked on open positions. Client will be loaded with more and more positions until he busts.
No MTM Requirement- Calls will be given in such a way that apart from premium nothing else needs to be brought in. Everyday Mark To Market Gain/Loss needs to be settled.
We strongly recommend opening Trading a/c with us so that even when client is away he can either place orders over phone or though mobile app, we have a great uptime with no downtime et al. Most of them do not hold any membership of any Stock Exchange; some of them don't even possess required SEBI certification.
We charge monthly fee of 7999/- and no other additional hidden charges. Client should try this for minimum 3 months to assess performance themselves. They would have pricing for everyone depending on their pockets.

ATS Research & Share Market Tips Past-Performance Graph

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Please note we can only assist you by providing our views on the market and do not assure you of any accuracy. Trading and Investment in Stock/Commodity/Currency markets have inherent risk, you might lose all your investment and we do not promise any return.

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Easy and Instant Payouts

Initiate payout through Back office by 8.30am and within 6.30pm funds will be credited to client's bank account.

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Free Demat Account

Open a Demat account, easy & convenient, no stamp duty, reduced paper work and experience fast, secure and seamless trading

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Lowest Brokerage Charges

ATS offers lowest brokerage charges with no hidden cost.

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Call N Trade Facility

Our Service Desk is operational on all trading days between 9:00am to 11:30pm.

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Premium Recommendations

The package from ATS is designed for those, who wants to earn higher returns when compared to regular intraday packages.

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