Systematic Investment Plan

It is everyone’s desire that he and his family has luxurious life style like big house, fancy cars, sufficient money kid’s education etc. For this, one should have good income. We have figured out one such plan which can help you to lead a lavish lifestyle. An investor who craves to generate significant gains in the long run, then SIP is the best option for him.

What is Systematic Investment Plan (SIP)?

Generate Capital Appreciation

Systematic Investment Plan aims to generate capital appreciation over the long term, eliminating the risks involved in market volatility

Invest Small Sums

It enables you to invest small sums of money monthly or quarterly

Superior Returns

Major portion of the investments will be in equities which offer potentially superior returns than other avenues of investment.

Key Features of SIP

Small Periodic Investments

SIP allows an investor to save a small percentage of his income weekly, fortnightly, monthly, quarterly and invest the same in equities which should gain significant returns overtime.

Disciplined Approach

For long-term capital gains through equities you need to follow a simple and disciplined approach which is one of the innate features of SIP.

Rupee Cost Averaging

It is one of the vital features of SIP that allows the investors to take advantage of the dips in the stock market.This in turn makes certain that you buy more shares when prices are falling and fewershares when they are rising.


Custom-made SIP Portfolios which minimizes the risks and maximizes the returns

ATS SIP offers investments through 3 different portfolios viz Defensive, Aggressive & Shariah compliant. Each of these portfolios consists of 5-12 stocks each on various sectors based on risk perception. We also offer SIP investments in Gold ETFs & E Gold.

Aggressive Portfolio

Aggressive Portfolio is the most aggressive of all other asset-allocation models. It enables the investors to invest 100% in High Growth Stocks. When the market is bullish, it provides higher returns and the risk involved is higher when the market is downward.

Defensive Portfolio

Defensive portfolio involves regular portfolio rebalancing of investments in order to maintain one's anticipated asset allocation.Opposedto that of aggressive stocks, investments would be madeon defensive stocks where fluxes are low.

Shariah Compliant Portfolio

In this portfolio, Shariah compliance screening criteria is taken into consideration while investing in shares. The companies which fall under BSE 500 Sharaiah Index will be focused on while investing.

Gold ETF

Goldbees, Rel Gold and SBI Gets are major areas of investments in this portfolio. These investments would be ideal for people who have an investment culture in Gold Jewelry. Gold ETFs, has various advantages over Gold Jewelry i.e. very low acquisition cost, high safety, high liquidity, better valuation, no wealth tax, more tax efficient.

Facts to be kept in mind

  • Extensive research is conducted on the stocks which are expected to outperform the indices and then included in the portfolio.
  • Duration of Investment - 12, 18, 24, 36 months.
  • Minimum investment of Rs.1000/- and hereafter multiples of Rs.1000/-.
  • ATS SIP does not charge any Entry/Exit load. Unlike Mutual Fund SIPs, the shares so bought at ATS SIP gets credited into clients own demat A/c, thus making them eligible for dividends and other benefits announced by the companies.