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K A Wires Ltd.  KAWIRESIT INE372S01017
K D Trend Wear Ltd. 780010  INE098Q01012
K G Denim Ltd. 500239  INE104A01012
K J International Ltd. 519548   
K K Fincorp Ltd. 503669  INE509J01013
K P Energy Ltd. 539686  INE127T01013
K S Oils Ltd. 526209  INE727D01022
K Z Leasing & Finance Ltd. 511728  INE006C01015
K&R Rail Engineering Ltd. 514360  INE078T01026
K-Lifestyle & Industries Ltd. 514221  INE218A01028
K2 Systems Ltd.   INE441B01024
Kaarya Facilities and Services Ltd. 540756  INE282Y01016
Kaashyap Technologies Ltd. 532283  INE397B01028
Kabra Commercial Ltd. 539393  INE926E01010
Kabra Drugs Ltd. 524322  INE323K01017
Kabra Extrusion Technik Ltd. 524109 KABRAEXTRUEQ INE900B01029
Kabsons Industries Ltd. 524675  INE645C01010
Kachchh Minerals Ltd. 531778  INE059E01010
Kailash Auto Finance Ltd. 511357  INE410O01022
Kaira Can Company Ltd. 504840  INE375D01012
Kaiser Corporation Ltd. 531780  INE229G01022
Kajal Synthetics & Silk Mills Ltd. 512147   
Kajaria Ceramics Ltd. 500233 KAJARIACEREQ INE217B01028
Kakatiya Cement Sugar & Industries Ltd. 500234 KAKATCEMEQ INE437B01014
Kakatiya Textiles Ltd. 521054  INE092E01011
Kalindee Rail Nirman (Engineers) Ltd. 522259  INE178D01010
Kallam Textiles Ltd. 530201  INE629F01025
Kalpa Commercial Ltd. 539014  INE059Q01014
Kalpataru Power Transmissions Ltd. 522287 KALPATPOWREQ INE220B01022
Kalptaru Papers Ltd. 590036  INE783C01019
Kalyani Commercials Ltd.  KALYANIBE INE610E01010
Kalyani Forge Ltd. 513509 KALYANIFRGBE INE314G01014
Kalyani Investment Company Ltd. 533302 KICLEQ INE029L01018
Kalyani Steels Ltd. 500235 KSLEQ INE907A01026
Kalyanpur Cement Ltd. 502150  INE991E01022
Kama Holdings Ltd. 532468  INE411F01010
Kamadgiri Fashion Ltd. 514322  INE535C01013
Kamala Tea Company Ltd. 530529   
Kamanwala Housing Construction Ltd. 511131  INE344D01018
Kamar Chemicals & Industries Ltd. 531001  INE728D01012
Kamat Hotels (India) Ltd. 526668 KAMATHOTELEQ INE967C01018
Kamdhenu Ltd. 532741 KAMDHENUEQ INE390H01012
Kampani Consultants Ltd. 508853  INE590J01013
Kamper Concast Ltd. 531475   
Kamron Laboratories Ltd. 524604  INE276T01018
Kanak Krishi Implements Ltd. 780003  INE013Q01011
Kanani Industries Ltd. 506184 KANANIINDEQ INE879E01037
Kanchan International Ltd. 530165  INE924C01019
Kanchi Karpooram Ltd. 538896  INE081G01019
Kanco Enterprises Ltd. 590084  INE248D01011
Kanco Tea & Industries Ltd. 541005  INE398L01017
Kandagiri Spinning Mills Ltd. 521242  INE292D01019
Kandhari Rubbers Ltd. 530603   
Kanel Industries Ltd. 500236  INE252C01015
Kanika Infrastructure & Power Ltd. 532367  INE173B01023
Kanishk Steel Industries Ltd. 513456  INE791E01018
Kanoria Chemicals & Industries Ltd. 506525 KANORICHEMEQ INE138C01024
Kanoria Plaschem Ltd. 530847   
Kanpur Plastipack Ltd. 507779  INE694E01014
Kansai Nerolac Paints Ltd. 500165 KANSAINEREQ INE531A01024
Kansal Fibres Ltd. 531205  INE179O01015
Kanumanek Trading Company Ltd. 504343   
Kanungo Financiers Ltd. 540515  INE453S01015
Kapashi Commercials Ltd. 512399  INE017I01019
Kapil Cotex Ltd. 512036  INE393H01016
Kapil Raj Finance Ltd. 539679  INE332Q01015
Kappac Pharma Ltd. 506938  INE601D01011
Kapston Facilities Management Ltd.  KAPSTONSM INE542Z01010
Kar Mobiles Ltd. 590053  INE916E01011
Karda Constructions Ltd. 541161 KARDAEQ INE278R01018
Kareems Spun Silk Ltd. 514294   
Karma Energy Ltd. 533451 KARMAENGBE INE725L01011
Karma Industries Ltd. 512585  INE416F01019
Karnataka Bank Ltd. 532652 KTKBANKEQ INE614B01018
Karnataka Financial Services Ltd. 530481  INE873B01010
Karnavati Alfa International Ltd. 526451  INE901D01015
Karnavati Finance Ltd. 538928  INE554R01012
Karnimata Cold Storage Ltd. 537784  INE576P01019
Kartik Investments Trust Ltd. 501151  INE524U01019
Karur KCP Packkagings Ltd. 531363  INE727F01019
Karur Vysya Bank Ltd. 590003 KARURVYSYAEQ INE036D01028
Karuturi Global Ltd. 531687 KGLBE INE299C01024
Kashipur Sugar Mills Ltd. 502512  INE735A01013
Kashiram Jain & Company Ltd. 539533  INE669R01018
Kashyap Tele-Medicines Ltd. 531960  INE108B01029
Katare Spinning Mills Ltd. 502933  INE498G01015
Kaushalya Infrastructure Development Corpn.Ltd. 532925 KAUSHALYAEQ INE234I01010
Kaveri Seed Company Ltd. 532899 KSCLEQ INE455I01029
Kavit Industries Ltd. 524444  INE313M01014
Kavita Fabrics Ltd. 535136  INE149O01018
Kavveri Telecom Products Ltd. 590041 KAVVERITELEQ INE641C01019
Kay Power And Paper Ltd. 530255  INE961B01013
Kaya Ltd. 539276 KAYAEQ INE587G01015
Kaycee Industries Ltd. 504084  INE813G01015
Kayel Securities Ltd. 539562  INE750R01016
Kaytee Cotsynth Industries Ltd. 512401   
KBS India Ltd. 530357  INE883D01015
KC Textiles Ltd. 502920   
KCCL Plastic Ltd. 526067  INE100L01025
KCL Infra Projects Ltd. 531784  INE469F01026
KCP Ltd. 590066 KCPEQ INE805C01028
KCP Sugar & Industries Corporation Ltd. 533192 KCPSUGINDEQ INE790B01024
KD Leisures Ltd. 540385  INE081R01016
KDDL Ltd. 532054 KDDLEQ INE291D01011
KDJ Holidayscapes and Resorts Ltd. 530701  INE089E01025
KDL Biotech Ltd. 532291  INE746A01010
KEC International Ltd. 532714 KECEQ INE389H01022
Kedia Chemical Industries Ltd. 524701  INE514D01016
Kedia Construction Company Ltd. 508993  INE511J01019
Kedia Infotech Ltd. 531976  INE245D01025
Keerthi Industries Ltd. 518011  INE145L01012
Keerti Knowledge and Skills Ltd.  KEERTISM INE586X01012
KEI Industries Ltd. 517569 KEIEQ INE878B01027
Kellton Tech Solutions Ltd. 519602 KELLTONTECEQ INE164B01022
Keltech Energies Ltd. 506528  INE881E01017
Kelvin Fincap Ltd. 512113  INE232N01022
Kemistar Corporation Ltd. 531163  INE971L01029
Kemp & Company Ltd. 506530  INE060E01018
Kemrock Industries & Exports Ltd. 526015  INE990B01012
Ken Financial Services Ltd. 530547  INE395E01018
Kengold (India) Ltd. 519546  INE680C01025
Kennametal India Ltd. 505890  INE717A01029
Kenvi Jewels Ltd. 540953  INE923Y01015
Kerala Ayurveda Ltd. 530163  INE817B01025
Kerala Rubber & Reclaims Ltd. 509180   
Kernex Microsystems (India) Ltd. 532686 KERNEXBE INE202H01019
Kesar Enterprises Ltd. 507180 KESARENTEQ INE133B01019
Kesar Petroproducts Ltd. 524174  INE133C01033
Kesar Terminals & Infrastructure Ltd. 533289 KTILEQ INE096L01025
Kesoram Industries Ltd. 502937 KESORAMINDEQ INE087A01019
Kesoram Textile Mills Ltd.   INE880A01017
KEW Industries Ltd. 532758  INE700H01012
Kewal Kiran Clothing Ltd. 532732 KKCLEQ INE401H01017
Key Corp Ltd. 507948  INE130F01016
Keynote Corporate Services Ltd. 512597 KEYCORPSEREQ INE681C01015
KG Petrochem Ltd. 531609  INE902G01016
KGN Enterprises Ltd. 533790  INE755B01019
KGN Industries Ltd. 531612  INE196C01022
Khadim India Ltd. 540775 KHADIMEQ INE834I01025
Khaitan (India) Ltd. 590068 KHAITANLTDEQ INE731C01018
Khaitan Chemicals & Fertilizers Ltd. 507794  INE745B01028
Khaitan Electricals Ltd. 504269 KHAITANELEBE INE761A01019
Khandelwal Extractions Ltd. 519064   
Khandwala Securities Ltd. 531892 KHANDSEBE INE060B01014
Khatau Makanji Spinning & Weaving Company Ltd. 502943   
Khator Fibre & Fabrics Ltd. 521127  INE964G01016
Khemani Distributors & Marketing Ltd. 539788  INE030U01025
Khoday India Ltd. 507435  INE687B01014
Khodiyar Industries Ltd. 531401  INE843C01011
Khoobsurat Ltd. 535730  INE731G01027
Khyati Multimedia Entertainment Ltd. 531692  INE593B01030
KIC Metaliks Ltd. 513693  INE434C01019
Kids Medical Systems Ltd. 540812  INE457Y01014
Kiduja India Ltd. 507946  INE845A01010
Kiev Finance Ltd. 511547   
KIFS Financial Services Ltd. 535566  INE902D01013
Kilburn Chemicals Ltd. 524699  INE655C01027
Kilburn Engineering Ltd. 522101  INE338F01015
Kilburn Office Automation Ltd. 523218  INE793E01014
Kilitch Drugs(I) Ltd. 524500 KILITCHEQ INE729D01010
Killick Nixon Ltd. 501316  INE982A01011
Kiloran Lisheen Mining Ltd.    
Kilpest India Ltd. 532067  INE994E01018
Kinetic Engineering Ltd. 500240  INE266B01017
Kinetic Motor Company Ltd.[Amalgamated] 505190  INE267B01015
Kinetic Trust Ltd. 531274  INE674M01019
King Infra Ventures Ltd. 530215  INE050N01010
Kingfa Science & Technology (India) Ltd. 524019 KINGFAEQ INE473D01015
Kingfisher Airlines Ltd. 532747  INE438H01019
Kings India Chemicals Corporation Ltd. 524214   
Kintech Renewables Ltd. 512329  INE385F01016
KIOCL Ltd. 540680 KIOCLEQ INE880L01014
Kiran Print Pack Ltd. 531413  INE516D01011
Kiran Syntex Ltd. 530443  INE293D01017
Kiran Vyapar Ltd. 537750  INE555P01013
Kiri Industries Ltd. 532967 KIRIINDUSEQ INE415I01015
Kirloskar Brothers Investments Ltd. 533297  INE920K01010
Kirloskar Brothers Ltd. 500241 KIRLOSBROSEQ INE732A01036
Kirloskar Electric Company Ltd. 533193 KECLEQ INE134B01017
Kirloskar Ferrous Industries Ltd. 500245  INE884B01025
Kirloskar Industries Ltd. 500243 KIRLOSINDEQ INE250A01039
Kirloskar Multimedia Ltd. 532352  INE175B01010
Kirloskar Oil Engines Ltd. 533293 KIRLOSENGEQ INE146L01010
Kirloskar Pneumatic Company Ltd. 505283  INE811A01020
Kisan Mouldings Ltd. 530145  INE017C01012
Kitex Garments Ltd. 521248 KITEXEQ INE602G01020
Kitply Industries Ltd. 502595  INE147B01019
KJMC Corporate Advisors (India) Ltd. 532304  INE602C01011
KJMC Financial Services Ltd. 530235  INE533C01018
Kkalpana lndustries (India) Ltd. 526409  INE301C01028
Kkalpana Plastick Ltd. 523652  INE465K01016
Kkrrafton Developers Ltd. 521238  INE893C01032
KKV Agro Powers Ltd.  KKVAPOWSM INE239T01016
KLG Capital Services Ltd. 530771  INE929C01018
KLG Systel Ltd.    
KLK Electrical Ltd. 517170  INE125G01014
KM Capital Ltd. 530327  INE339T01014
KM Sugar Mills Ltd. 532673 KMSUGAREQ INE157H01023
KMC Speciality Hospitals (India) Ltd. 524520  INE879K01018
KMF Builders & Developers Ltd. 531578  INE580H01026
KMF Ltd. 511270   
KMG Milk Food Ltd. 519415  INE873N01015
KMS Medisurgi Ltd. 540468  INE870V01014
KND Engineering Technologies Ltd. 522189   
Knitworth Exports Ltd. 531587  INE171C01017
KNR Constructions Ltd. 532942 KNRCONEQ INE634I01029
Koa Tools India Ltd. 517471  INE316B01036
Koffee Break Pictures Ltd. 531602  INE208D01023
Kohinoor Broadcasting Corporation Ltd. 531366  INE414E01017
Kohinoor Foods Ltd. 512559 KOHINOOREQ INE080B01012
Kohinoor Techno Engineers Ltd. 519485  INE237D01014
Kokuyo Camlin Ltd. 523207 KOKUYOCMLNEQ INE760A01029
Kolte-Patil Developers Ltd. 532924 KOLTEPATILEQ INE094I01018
Koluthara Exports Ltd. 526261   
Kome-on Communication Ltd. 539910  INE833C01012
Konark Synthetics Ltd. 514128  INE517D01019
Kongrar Integrated Fibres Ltd. 514436   
Konkan Tyres Ltd. 526379  INE730D01018
Kopran Ltd. 524280 KOPRANEQ INE082A01010
Kore Foods Ltd. 500458  INE601A01017
Kotak Mahindra Bank Ltd. 500247 KOTAKBANKEQ INE237A01028
Kothari Fermentation & Biochem Ltd. 507474  INE991B01010
Kothari Global Ltd. 519176   
Kothari Industrial Corporation Ltd. 509732  INE972A01020
Kothari Petrochemicals Ltd. 532096 KOTHARIPETEQ INE720A01015
Kothari Products Ltd. 530299 KOTHARIPROEQ INE823A01017
Kothari Sugars & Chemicals Ltd. 507190 KOTARISUGEQ INE419A01022
Kothari World Finance Ltd. 511138  INE988F01017
Kotia Enterprises Ltd. 539599  INE079C01012
Koutons Retail India Ltd. 532901  INE406I01014
Kovai Medical Center and Hospital Ltd. 523323  INE177F01017
Kovalam Investment and Trading Co. Ltd. 505585  INE735U01011
Kovilpatti Lakshmi Roller Flour Mills Ltd. 507598  INE014E01015
KPIT Technologies Ltd. 532400 KPITEQ INE836A01035
KPR Mill Ltd. 532889 KPRMILLEQ INE930H01023
Kratos Energy & Infrastructure Ltd. 501261   
KRBL Ltd. 530813 KRBLEQ INE001B01026
Krebs Biochemicals & Industries Ltd. 524518 KREBSBIOEQ INE268B01013
Kreon Financial Services Ltd. 530139  INE302C01018
Kretto Syscon Ltd. 531328  INE128R01015
Kridhan Infra Ltd. 533482 KRIDHANINFEQ INE524L01026
Kriptol Industries Ltd. 526753  INE477C01034
Krishana Fabrics Ltd. 539446  INE627Q01018
Krishana Phoschem Ltd.  KRISHANASM INE506W01012
Krishna Capital & Securities Ltd. 539384  INE897B01019
Krishna Engineering Works Ltd. 522173  INE409C01011
Krishna Ferro Products Ltd. 513627  INE218L01017
Krishna Synthetics Ltd. 514404   
Krishna Ventures Ltd. 504392  INE537L01010
Krisons Electronic Systems Ltd. 517383   
Kriti Industries (India) Ltd. 526423  INE479D01038
Kriti Nutrients Ltd. 533210  INE798K01010
Kritika Wires Ltd.    
KRM International Ltd. 526055   
Krypton Industries Ltd. 523550  INE951B01014
KSB Ltd. 500249 KSBPUMPSEQ INE999A01015
KSE Ltd. 519421  INE953E01014
Kshitij Investment Ltd. 503626   
Kshitij Polyline Ltd.    
KSK Energy Ventures Ltd. 532997 KSKBE INE143H01015
KSL and Industries Ltd. 530149  INE219A01026
KSS Ltd. 532081 KSERASERABE INE216D01026
Kuantum Papers Ltd. 532937  INE529I01013
Kuber Udyog Ltd. 539408  INE594R01018
Kulkarni Power Tools Ltd. 505299  INE731D01024
Kumaka Industries Ltd. 526923   
Kumar Food Industries Ltd.    
Kumar Wire Cloth Manufacturing Co Ltd. 513703  INE840A01011
Kumbhat Financial Services Ltd. 526869  INE795E01019
Kunststoffe Industries Ltd. 523594  INE638D01021
Kusam Electrical Industries Ltd. 511048  INE175Q01018
Kush Industries Ltd. 514240  INE979D01011
Kushal Ltd. 536170  INE647N01021
Kusum Iron & Steel Ltd. 513625  INE397E01014
Kutch Salt & Allied Industries Ltd. 506540   
Kuwer Industries Ltd. 530421  INE430F01010
Kwality Credit & Leasing Ltd. 531206  INE577C01015
Kwality Ltd. 531882 KWALITYEQ INE775B01025
Kwality Pharmaceuticals Ltd. 539997  INE552U01010
Kyra Landscapes Ltd. 530967  INE094M01028