Portfolio Management Services

ATS is a SEBI registered portfolio manager. We offer Portfolio Management Services with the growth necessary to reach your long term investment goals. “ATS – Grow with India Fund” is one of the best PMS Schemes offered by Aditya Trading Solutions. In this scheme, our expert portfolio managers holds the responsibility of regulating and monitoring your portfolio comprising of shares, bonds, debentures etc. The minimum investment for this scheme is Rs. 25 Lakhs (minimum as fixed by SEBI). This is one of the safest schemes available for investments as it is backed by a strong team of expert portfolio managers and excellent research team.

Why choose ATS for PMS Services?


We diversify your investment by investing in Large & Mid-Cap stocks.

Expert Portfolio Managers

Our portfolio Managers are highly skilled professionals with experience in fund and portfolio management who aim to generate capital appreciation over long term.


You will be kept informed about the reason behind investment decisions by our portfolio managers. Also, you will be given an online PMS account where you can access your portfolio in a single click.

Portfolio Management Services-FAQs

What is the minimum investment needed to open a PMS Account?

The minimum amount needed to open a PMS Account is Rs. 25 Lakhs.

Who can open a PMS Account?

A limited company, an association of persons, overseas company/firm/society, an overseas trust, all resident Indians and NRIs can open a PMS Account with ATS.

Do you provide report on a weekly basis?

Yes. Portfolio and NAV are communicated weekly via e-mail.

Do you charge any portfolio management service fee?

Yes. Below is a list of schemes and their service charges.

Scheme names Portfolio management charges
Fixed Fees Incentive Brokerage
Plan A 0.5% per quarter 10% of profit Not more than 2% of sum invested
Plan B No fixed fees 25% of profit Not more than 2% of sum invested

Risk Factors

  • Investments in securities are subject to market risks and hence there can be no assurance/guarantee that the objectives will be met.
  • As per SEBI rules, no portfolio manager can assure/guarantee returns.
  • As per SEBI regulations governing Portfolio Management Services in India, neither initial capital nor returns can be guaranteed. We shall endeavor to outperform the benchmark indices like Nifty50 and BSE 100 but there can be no guarantee or certainty of the same. But over the long term, what we believe is that equities performance will track and be better than corporate performance.
  • The value of the portfolio under management may go up or down depending upon various factors and forces affecting the capital markets.
  • Each Client is advised to consult his/her own Financial Advisor/professional tax advisors before availing of PMS.