Mankind Pharma Limited IPO Details



Mankind Pharma Limited IPO Details

Offer period

Apr 25, 2023 to Apr 27, 2023

Price Band

1026 to 1080 per share

Lot Size


Issue Size

4326.36 Cr

Allotment Date

May 3, 2023

Listing Date

May 8, 2023


Mankind Pharma Limited - Company Overview

Mankind Pharma Limited was founded in 1991 and develops, produces, and sells pharmaceutical formulations for a range of acute and chronic therapeutic areas and several consumer healthcare items.

The company operates in several therapeutic areas in India, focusing on acute and chronic diseases such as cardiovascular, anti-infective, gastrointestinal, anti-diabetic, neuro/CNS, vitamins/minerals/nutrients, and respiratory. They has over 36 brands, including but not limited to Manforce (Rx), Moxikind-CV, Amlokind-AT, Unwanted-Kit, Candiforce, Gudcef, Glimestar-M, Prega News, Dydroboon, Codistar, Nurokind-Gold, Nurokind Plus-RF, Nurokind-LC, Asthakind-DX, Cefakind, Monticope, Telmikind-H, Telmikind, Gudcef-CV, and Unwanted-72.


Mankind Pharma Limited - Business Overview

One of the biggest medical representative distribution networks in the Indian pharmaceutical industry belongs to Mankind Pharma. During the Financial Year 2022, their formulations were recommended by more than 80% of physicians, and they were rated fourth in terms of domestic sales.

As of December 31, 2022, Mankind had a marketing presence throughout all of India, with a field team of 3,561 field managers and 11,691 medical representatives. 25 manufacturing facilities are run by them.


IPO Synopsis

The IPO for Mankind Pharma begins on April 25 and ends on April 27. Up to 40.06 million shares with a face value of Rs. 1 are included in the issue, bringing the total amount raised to Rs. 4326.36 crores. Ramesh Juneja will sell up to 3.71 million shares in the OFS, 3.51 million shares from Rajeev Juneja, 2.80 million shares from Sheetal Arora, and 2.62 million from Cairnhill CIPEF Ltd, 9.96 million shares from Beige ltd, and 50,000 shares from Link Investment Trust. On May 8, the issue will be placed on the exchanges, and on May 3, the shares will be distributed. The business has fixed the lot size and price range at 13 shares per lot and Rs. 1026 to 1080 per share, respectively. The lead managers for the IPO are Kotak Mahindra Capital, Jefferies, IIFL Capital, Axis Capital, and JP Morgan.


Objectives of the IPO 

The net proceeds from the offering will be used for:

1. Execute the Selling Shareholders' Offer to Sell 40,058,844 Equity Shares.

2. Benefit from the advantages of listing equity shares on stock exchanges.


Financial Summary (in crores)

Period Ended

Total Assets

Total Revenue

Profit After Tax

Total Borrowing


















1. Scalable domestic business with room for expansion

2. A reputable franchise in consumer healthcare with a recognized brand In terms of domestic sales for December 2022, several medications in the portfolio are ranked among the top 10 in several important therapeutic areas.

3. With resources in major therapeutic areas, 25 manufacturing, and four research and development facilities.



1. Delays, halts or decreases in the availability of raw materials or finished formulations from third-party manufacturers and suppliers, or an increase in the price of such raw materials and finished formulas

2. It operates in only a small number of markets, and these markets account for a sizable amount of its income.

How to Apply for this IPO

1.Go to

2. Enter your Client ID

3. Enter the OTP received in your registered mobile number.

4. Choose the IPO and click on apply button.

5. Enter the UPI ID, Quantity, and Cut off the price.

6.Click on submit button

7.Confirm the mandate request received on your phone by entering the UPI Pin.

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