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SIP + Right Investment Decisions = Long Term Wealth

The magical formula for long-term wealth creation.

SIP Investment or Systematic Investment Plan is an approach for the best investment strategy that allows one to invest some fixed amount of money at a regular period. A person can invest in SIP Plan with small amount of money at regular interval of weekly, monthly or quarterly basis. SIP Investment or Systematic Investment Plan helps to invest in regular interval instead of one-time yearly investment. Hence, SIP investment plans are the best way to create long term wealth from periodical small investments.

ATS Custom-made SIP Investment Plan Portfolios minimizes the risks and maximizes the return on investments. ATS SIP Plan offers investments through 3 different portfolios viz. Defensive SIP Investment, Aggressive SIP Investment & Shariah compliant Systematic Investment Plan. Each of these SIP Plan portfolios consists of 5-12 stocks each on various sectors based on risk perception. We also offer SIP investment Plans in Gold ETFs & E Gold

ATS Custom-Made SIP Plan Portfolios

Aggressive Portfolio

ATS helps SIP Plan Investor to invest in Aggressive Portfolio is the most aggressive of all other asset-allocation models. It enables the investors to invest 100% in High Growth Stocks. When the market is bullish, it provides higher returns and the risk involved is higher when the market is downward.

Defensive Portfolio

We allocate your Systematic Investment Plan money to Defensive portfolio, It will involve rebalancing of investments in order to maintain one's anticipated asset allocation. Opposed to that of aggressive stocks, investments would be made on defensive stocks where fluxes are low.

Gold ETF

Gold bees, Rel Gold and SBI Gets are major areas of investments in this portfolio. These investments would be ideal for people who have an investment culture in Gold Jewelry. Gold ETFs, has various advantages over Gold Jewelry i .e. very low acquisition cost, high safety, high liquidity, better valuation, no wealth tax, more tax efficient.

Shariah Compliant Portfolio

In this type of systematic Investment plan portfolio, Shariah compliance screening criteria is taken into consideration while investing in SIP Plan. The companies which fall under BSE 500 Sharaiah Index will be focused on while investing.

Benefits of SIP Investment Plan with ATS

SIP Plan or Systematic Investment Plan is an easy and convenient way to start investing ones hard earned money. Start an SIP Plan with a minimum amount of Investment. It will help you save a certain amount of money every month. ATS provides best SIP Plan Schemes for its customers and below are the Benef its of investing in Systematic Investment Plans b enefits that the customer of ATS can enjoy.

Disciplined Saving

Planning and discipline play crucial roles in a successful investment. When you invest in SIP Plan, you agree to invest at certain intervals (monthly or quarterly etc.). This helps you save regularly in a disciplined manner. However, it is important to start investing early in life to get the benefits of SIP Investment.


There is no lock-in period under SIP investments Plan (though it is advised to stay invested for a longer period of time). However, investors can exit the SIP Plan any time they want. Systematic Investment Plan also allows investors to increase or decrease the amount of money being invested.

Long Term Gains

SIP Plan is the best for long-term investment goals. Since you start investing smaller amount, you may not see much profit initially, but gradually and in the long run you will find a huge growth of your invested money.


SIP Investment Plan is the most convenient and easy mode of investment. You can authorize an ECS (Electonic Clearence Service) from your bank to auto debit for your SIP investments on a fixed time.

Moderate Risk

Small retail investors generally do not possess the resources to go for active investments. So, they opt for SIP Plan as it allows them to earn above average return on their investments with moderate risks.

Superior Returns

The major portion of the Systematic investment Plans investment will be in equities which offer potentially superior returns than other avenues of investment.

How Does SIP Investment work?

SIP Plan makes investment easier and more flexible. When you apply for a SIP Investment Plan, at the time of premium payment the money will be automatically debited from your bank account and it will get credited to systematic investment plan and based on the Net Asset Value of your fund, you will be allocated a certain number of units. Every time you invest on Systematic Investment Plan, additional units will be added to your account based on the ongoing market rate.

Investors don’t require being an expert in market timing to invest in the Stock Markets. Units are purchased at different rates. When the prices are high, the investors buy more units, but when the prices are low, the investors buy fewer units.

Two methods that greatly benefit the investors under a SIP Plan scheme are – Rupee Cost Averaging and Power of Compounding.

Rupee-Cost Averaging

The Stock markets in India are unpredictable and volatile so it is difficult to understand the best time to invest and the not good time to invest is. Rupee-cost Averaging assist investors to come up by this difficulty. It allows your invested money to earn less units when the price is high and more units when the price is low. It also allows you to get a lower average cost per unit during volatile periods.

Power of Compounding

For the amount that you have invested in SIP Plan, you earn interest on Systematic Investment Plan. Such interests get compounded and accumulated over a period of time. If you are investing on SIP Plan for longer tenure your money gets huge amount of interest which is compounded. The longer tenure you choose the wealth creation from power of compounding in SIP Plan is also high.

What is Systematic Investment Plan (SIP)?

SIP Plan or Systematic Investment Plan is an easy and convenient way to start investing ones hard earned money. Start a SIP Plan with a minimum amount of Investment. It will help you save a certain amount of money every month. ATS provides best SIP Plan Schemes for its customers and below are the Benefits of investing in Systematic Investment Plans benefits that the customer of ATS can enjoy.

Facts to be kept in mind While Investing in SIP Plan

It is everyone’s desire that he and his family has luxurious life style like big house, fancy cars, sufficient money for kid’s education etc. For this, one should have good income. We have figured out one such plan which can help you to lead a lavish lifestyle. For an investor who craves to generate significant gains in the long run, investing in SIP Plan is the best option for him.

  • Extensive research is conducted on the stocks which are expected to outperform the indices and then included in the portfolio.
  • Duration of SIP Investment - 12, 18, 24, 36 months.
  • Minimum investment for SIP Plan is Rs.1000/- and hereafter multiples of Rs.1000/-.
  • Follow-up messages of the Futures Trading Strategies calls.
  • ATS SIP Investment Plan does not charge any Entry/Exit load. Unlike Mutual Fund SIP Plans, the shares bought at ATS SIP Plan gets credited into clients own Demat A/c, thus making them eligible for dividends and other benefits announced by the companies.

Here Are the 6 Things You Need To Know About SIP Investment Plan

Want a time-tested way of getting the most of your money? A SIP Plan (Systematic Investment Plan), where a saver invests a preset amount of money every month, is the well-known answer.

SIP Investment Plan or systematic investment plan helps you invest a little amount of capital in a mutual fund scheme of your option, which in turn manages your investment portfolio.

Many of you might have come across the term and have a fair idea of its working. But here are 6 interesting things to know about SIP Plan:

SIP acts as an automatic market timing mechanism! It forces you to buy more units when the price is down and fewer units when price is up. So, you reduce your average cost of purchase of shares or mutual fund units over its highs and lows, thus enhancing the returns .

Adhering to this simple formula allows you to avoid nervous selling during market panics, as it evens out your investments during the inevitable ups and downs of the market.

There is a smarter way of investing which also takes into account that the market may be expensive and you should invest less in absolute terms. Or the market may be cheap, and you should invest more. This approach is called smart SIP! With this, you first estimate how much money you will need to accumulate for a goal such as retirement. Then, based on the annualized return you expect to earn on your investments, you calculate how much you must invest each month to achieve that goal if your return expectations are met.

SIP Plans help in inculcate regulation in your saving practice, by investing a minute sum of money in SIP Plan every month, you can accrual a large amount without straining yourself by Beat Systematic Investment Plan.

SIPs also help you leverage the power of compounding, which in turn entail that the earlier you start saving, the faster your money multiplies. Over time, the impact of this steady investment is extraordinary.

SIPs let you invest in a mutual fund scheme of your choice. These schemes invest in a large assortment of companies from a variety of sectors like IT, Pharmaceuticals, Manufacturing, etc., which in turn helps you diversify your portfolio even with a small investment.

Please note we can only assist you by providing our views on the market and do not assure you of any accuracy. Trading and Investment in Stock/Commodity/Currency markets have inherent risk, you might lose all your investment and we do not promise any return.

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